Especially Unexpected

Toppings & Spreads to Top Your Competition

Sevillo Fine Foods delivers artisan Slow Roasted Tomato Spreads and Bruschetta Toppings that are an unexpectedly delicious substitute for fresh sliced or diced tomatoes. A flavorful, innovative, year-round alternative to fresh tomatoes that tops the competition every time. Upscale any sandwich, salad, pasta or pizza without the countless hours of prep time. Delivered frozen, Sevillo Roasted Tomato Spreads & Toppings save chefs countless hours of prep and cook time. Once thawed, the product has a 5 week refrigerated shelf life.

The Sevillo Process

Sun-ripened vegetables are picked at the peak of freshness and slow roasted or fire roasted in our proprietary ovens. Our house roasting method intensifies the vegetables’ natural flavor, and adds a delicious roasted flavor and texture. The finished vegetables are marinated in Sevillo’s perfectly simple recipe of the finest oil, oregano, garlic and salt. The marinated vegetables are quick-frozen for freshness in a variety of convenient case pack, are easily thawed and ready-to-serve.

The Sevillo Difference

  • Sevillo has the #1 selling roasted tomato in the foodservice channel
  • Takes 5lbs of fresh, vine ripe tomatoes are slow roasted to make 1lb. of Sevillo Roasted Tomatoes
  • Chefs love the fact that when fresh tomatoes are out of season, they can rely on Sevillo’s consistent quality and pricing to upscale their everyday recipes year round
  • Unlike competing products, Sevillo’s slow roasted tomato skins do not separate
  • Higher drained weight than competitors yields more tomatoes per case.